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Glute-Out Neutralizer for Glutaraldehyde & OPA

Disposing of used disinfectants can be extremely dangerous as glutaraldehyde and OPA products remain highly toxic and biocidal even after 14 days of re-use. Improper disposal of disinfectants by pouring down a drain has proven to cause high levels of exposure for the clinician and is considered illegal in many regions. Glute-Out Neutralizer offers a solution to dangerous disinfectant disposal problems. Glute-Out deactivates glutaraldehydes and OPA by using a glycine powder base that neutralizes solutions in just five minutes. Glute-Out meets California EPA requirements and has been proven an environmentally safe neutralizer.

MSDS 610-1045
MSDS 610-1099

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Product Number Description Associated Part Numbers Use Instructions Box Quantity
610-1045 Glute-Out neutralizer, 2 oz. (Ref# NG-1GAL) 24
610-1099 Glute-Out neutralizer, .5oz bottles (Ref.# NG-QT) 24
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CIVCO-Catalog CIVCO-Catalog

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