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Has Arrived

“Now available on select Toshiba, GE, & Philips ultrasound systems.”

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Designed with extensive physician input, the Verza Guidance System delivers unmatched clinical versatility, improved user experience, and confident outcomes.


VerzaLink™ is a direct attach locating feature built into the transducer, eliminating the need for a reusable bracket and resulting in hassle-free handling. VerzaLink is a robust system which provides optimal stability for improved accuracy and simplifies clinician workflow with easier set-up and dismantle.

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Verza Guidance System offers

Clinical Versatillity

Improved needle visualization

Enables a reproducible technique compared to free-hand guided procedures

Reduced re-directs save time

Improved User Experience

Access a wide range of target depths

Adjustable design offers five angles

Optimized to fit a broad range of transducers

Confident Outcomes

Delivers optimal stability, accuracy

Minimal blind zone

Designed for a wide range of interventions

Verza and VerzaLink are now available on major ultrasound platforms

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