Achieve Compliance with ASTRA

The process of cleaning and disinfecting probes is highly regulated and must be well documented for compliance. The CDC, The Joint Commission, and numerous other governing bodies and guidelines list specific items that must be recorded with each high-level disinfection cycle. These standards may require logging of information such as:

Date, Time, Operator ID, Probe ID, Disinfection Temperature, Number of Rinses, Cycle Result (Pass/Fail), Electrical Leak Test Result (Pass/Fail, for TEE probes), Minimum Required Concentration (MRC) Result (Pass/Fail)

ASTRA significantly simplifies the process. ASTRA's electronic barcode scanner provides a quick and easy way to track all of this data and removes the possibility of user error in the process. All consumables and cycle data are automatically logged by the system to ensure your compliance and provide a complete reprocessing log.

ASTRA safely stores all data electronically for access at your convenience. At any time, the cycle logs can be downloaded in a matter of seconds by USB and stored permanently on a computer, allowing you to satisfy auditing requirements and maintain clean records for years to come.