CIVCO has been a leader in infection control for 20 years, developing innovative ultrasound probe covers that offer a variety of clinical solutions. The quality of CIVCO probe covers remains unchanged, consistently trusted by clinicians around the globe and using the highest quality materials available.
Reprocessing semi-critical ultrasound probes through high-level disinfection is a crucial step in achieving compliance with The Joint Commission. High-level disinfection (HLD) is the destruction of all microorganisms, except for some bacterial spores. Most ultrasound probes cannot be sterilized, as the process could damage or ruin the probe.



CIVCO provides several solutions for echocardiography, from the point of care to high-level disinfection and storage of transesophageal (TEE) probes. Our TEE covers, bite blocks and the TEE probe holder help protect patients from infection, guard equipment from damage and improve clinician workflow during a procedure. Following the use of a TEE probe, CIVCO's transport, pre-cleaning, high-level disinfection and storage solutions protect the probe and help facilities maintain compliance.

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