Ultrasound is used across a variety of specialties to perform many types of interventions, including biopsy and point-of-care procedures. Ultrasound is minimally invasive, allows for high diagnostic accuracy, and presents lower costs.
CIVCO has been a leader in infection control for 20 years, developing innovative ultrasound probe covers that offer a variety of clinical solutions. The quality of CIVCO probe covers remains unchanged, consistently trusted by clinicians around the globe and using the highest quality materials available.
Expand your capabilities of ultrasound interventions with the use of electromagnetic needle tracking or fusion technologies.



From infection prevention and control in the ultrasound suite to image-guided interventions, CIVCO is a key partner for radiologists, interventionalists, and sonographers around the world. Our products offer benefits throughout the spectrum of care during ultrasound and CT procedures, including biopsy, drain or tube placement, ablation, and diagnostic ultrasound exams.

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