TP Pivot Pro™

A Smarter Approach to Transperineal Prostate Biopsy

100% gel-free ultrasound

Envision viral barriers reduce contamination & simplify workflow.

Confident Compliance

ASTRA Automates High-Level Disinfection of Ultrasound Probes.


Making image-guided procedures safer.


Find the solutions right for you

Ultrasound Probe Covers

Protect your ultrasound transducers and systems with validated viral barrier covers and drapes.

Ultrasound Probe Cleaning & Disinfection

Proper high-level disinfection and storage of your ultrasound probes is important to maintaining infection control compliance. See how CIVCO can help you protect your probes and patients.

Ultrasound Needle Guides

CIVCO ultrasound needle guides help improve needle visualization, reduces procedure time, and provides confident clinical outcomes during ultrasound-guided interventions.


Find all of the accessories you need for ultrasound procedures in one place with CIVCO.

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