There are many proven clinical benefits to clinicians utilizing needle guides for nerve blocks and other regional anesthesia procedures
Physicians utilizing needle guidance for vascular access procedures have found improved needle visualization, decreased access time and increased success rate for first attempt insertions
Needle guidance is clinically proven to lead to more confident outcomes in ultrasound-guided biopsies
Endocavity needle guidance systems are designed to correspond with on-screen software guidelines, directing instruments for accurate placement procedures.

Accurate Guidance. Confident Outcomes.

Ultrasound is used across a variety of specialties to perform many types of interventions, including biopsy and point-of-care procedures. Ultrasound is minimally invasive, allows for high diagnostic accuracy, and presents lower costs.

Regardless of the procedure, needle visualization is critical. The use of a needle guide keeps the needle aligned with the ultrasound probe''''s sound beam, leading to:

  • Improved needle visualization
  • Reduced procedure time
  • Confident clinical outcomes

CIVCO partners with ultrasound Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to design and validate needle guidance products for most ultrasound systems and transducers, including general purpose and endocavity.

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