Envision Pad

Use of Envision Scanning Pad During an Ultrasound Guided Pecto-intercostal Nerve Block

A 42-year-old male veteran presented with severe sternal pain from a sternotomy for an intrathoracic tumor fifteen years ago. As a result, he...
2022m 3277

Review of Outbreaks of Burkholderia cepacian complex (Bcc) Associated with Contaminated Ultrasound Gel

In this systematic review, the authors examine 14 studies pertaining to outbreaks of Burkholderia cepacian complex in healthcare facilities, all of...
2022M 3288

Effectiveness of TEE Probe Hanging Times in Reducing the Formation of Bacterial Colonies

In this publication, the authors examine the outcomes of a clinical study analyzing the effectiveness of longer clean storage hanging times (the time...
2022M 3298

The Use of Glow Powder as an Instructional Tool to Teach Proper Disinfection Practices

In this review, the authors set out to establish if the use of glow powder to simulate contamination within a sonography environment would serve as...
2022M 3294

Guidelines and Recommendations for the Prevention of Central Line- Associated Bloodstream Infections in the Acute Care Hospital Setting

In this review, the authors examine an assortment of previously published guidelines regarding the proper methodology for preventing central...
2022M 3274

Infection Transmission as a Result of Failures in Probe Decontamination Processes

In this systematic review, the authors evaluate seven individual studies, each of which focused on outbreaks of infection that were traced back to...
 Brittany Wykert

Q & A with Brittany Wykert

Question and Answers with Brittany Wykert, OBGYN Senior Sonographer University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
Neutralizing Human Papillomavirus

Assessing OPA and Hydrogen Peroxide’s Efficacy in Neutralizing Human Papillomavirus From Ultrasound Probes

Substantial research has been conducted that examines the effectiveness of OPA and hydrogen peroxide in neutralizing HPV from ultrasound probe...
Jana Hansen

Q & A with Jana Hansen

Question and Answers with Jana Hansen Diagnostic Imaging Systems and Ultrasound Manager, Mankato Clinic
Safe Utilization Of Ultrasound Gel

Understanding the Risks and Safe Utilization of Ultrasound Gel

Understanding the Risks and Safe Utilization of Ultrasound Gel Ultrasound is used across many disciplines of medicine as a safe, effective technology...
Katlin Kos

Q & A with Katlin Kos

Question and Answers with Katlin Kos, Senior Sonographer Univ. of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics-Radiology
2020R 3171

Integrity of Probe Covers used for Transvaginal Examinations

The authors discuss the need for a current study to test the integrity of commonly utilized ultrasound probe barriers used in clinical practice for...
Robert De Jong

De Jong Discusses Sonography as an Exciting and Evolving Career Choice

Robert De Jong, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FSDMS, FAIUM, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
2021R 3238

Robust Processes & Training Needed to Maintain High-Level Disinfection

Microbes can remain on endoscopes following reprocessing with high-level disinfectants (HLDs). Factors that can contribute to ineffective endoscope...
2021R 3224

Survey of Ultrasound-guided Peripheral Intravenous Practices: A Report of Supply Usage and Variability Between Clinical Roles and Departments

In this article, the authors publish results from a 2019 survey of 1,475 participants, representing a diverse demographic of clinicians who perform...
2019R 3122

Ultrasound Gel Causes Fine Needle Aspiration Artifact

The authors describe an artifact noted on ultrasound-guided FNA specimens and the artifact was proven to be associated with certain types of...
Prof Fernando Jimenez

MSK Expert Jimenez Discusses Growing use of US for Joint Interventions

Professor Fernando Jimenez Diaz, MD, PhD, University of Castilla la Mancha
Ultrasound Image on CT

Pancreatic Abscess Drainage and Ultrasound Overlay Using eTRAXâ„¢ Needle Tip Tracking

Patient presented with a difficult-to-see pancreatic abscess. Accurate access was aided by eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking's projection and pathway for...
Jung Hwan Baek

Baek Advocates Benefits of Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Tracking Technology

"In radiofrequency ablation, monitoring the electrode tip during ablation of a thyroid nodule with the VirtuTRAXâ„¢ technique is feasible and...
ETRAX Clinical Procedure

Liver Tumor Biopsy Using eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

Patient presented with pancreas carcinoma with liver metastases. eTRAX is useful for visualization in non-neoplastic liver tissue.
Knut Brabrand

Needle Guidance Adds Safety and Accuracy to US-Guided Procedures

Dr. Knut Brabrand, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet
Melanie Caserta

Caserta Promotes Ultrasound First for Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

"Ultrasound is quicker and less expensive than CT and has the primary benefits of real-time visualization"
eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

Retroperitoneal Biopsy Using eTRAX™ Needle Tip Tracking

Using Volume Navigation on the LOGIQ E9, image fusion of 2D ultrasound and CT made it possible to visualize a difficult target. Using eTRAX Needle...
Yasuharu Imai

Imai Discusses Clinical Benefits of Ultrasound and Needle Guide Technology

Disposable Ultra-Pro IIâ„¢ Needle Guide Improves Infection Control in Busy Gastroenterology Department while VirtuTRAXâ„¢ Use Expands to...
eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking Enables Biopsy of Difficult-to-See Pancreatic Lesion

Patient presented with pancreatitis. Using Volume Navigation on the LOGIQ E9, (GE Healthcare), image fusion using CT and ultrasound data sets was...
eTrax Out Of Plane Biopsy

eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking of Superficial Kidney Biopsy Using Contrast

Patient presented with a small, superficial kidney lesion. The use of Volume Navigation on the LOGIQ E9, image fusion of ultrasound and CT was...
Enzo Silvestri

Silvestri Values Needle Tracking for Shortened Learning Curve

Professor Enzo Silvestri, MD, University of Genoa
Etrax Two Dimensional

2D Ultrasound Puncture of Non-Dilated Kidney Using eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

This ultrasound image demonstrates the potential for the visualization of the needle trajectory prior to insertion. This allows for ideal entry point...
Johan Sellgren

Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist Sellgren Examines Important Tool for TEE Monitoring

Johan Sellgren, MD, PhD, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Etrax Pet Image Fusion

Biopsy of Colon Wall Using PET Image Fusion and eTRAX™ Needle Tip Tracking

Using Volume Navigation on the LOGIQ E9, image fusion of 2D ultrasound and PET slice of the colonic wall was possible. eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking was...
Professor Giovanni Turtulici

Turtulici Educates Clinicians using New Technique for RFA of Thyroid Nodules

Professor Giovanni Turtulici, MD, Ospedale Evangelico Presidio Castelletto-Genoa
Etrax On Screen Guidelines

Biopsy of Retroperitoneal Renal Carcinoma Using eTRAX™ Needle Tip Tracking

The patient underwent a sensitive biopsy in a portion of the retroperitoneum. Electromagnetic needle tip tracking allowed continuous visualization of...
Tricia SL Turner

Sonography Education: Academics and Training are Key for Rewarding Career

Tricia S.L. Turner, BS, RDMS, RVT, South Hills School of Business and Technology
Etrax Biopsy Of Thorax

Biopsy of Thorax Metastasis Tumor Using eTRAX™ Needle Tip Tracking Technology

The patient presented with a difficult-to-see lesion using conventional ultrasound. Access was aided with image fusion and the use of eTRAX Needle...
David Adams

Echo Expert Adams Discusses Global Outreach Education in the US Community

David Adams, ACS, RCS, RDCS, FASE, is a highly recognized leader in the field of Cardiac Ultrasound. In addition to his numerous responsibilities at...
eTrax Liver Abscess

Difficult Liver Abscess Drainage Using CT Fusion and eTRAX™ Needle Tip Tracking

Patient presented with a difficult-to-see liver abscess using conventional ultrasound. Intercostal access was aided by eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking,...
Ultra-Pro II Needle Guide

Ultra-Pro II Needle Guide Allows Accurate Visualization of the Needle Tip During Infiltration of the Hip Joint

Ultrasound may provide a limited view of the hip joint, as it only allows identification of joint effusion, synovitis and some tears of the labrum....
eTrax Path Visualization

eTRAX™ Biopsy of Recurring Prostatic Pelvic Tumor

Patient presented with a recurring prostatic pelvic tumor. Utilizing Volume Navigation on the LOGIQ E9 allowed image fusion of CT and the ultrasound...
VirtuTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

Transhepatic Puncture with VirtuTRAX™ Virtual Tip Tracking

Patient presented with an abscess. Virtual tip tracking was useful for accurate placement and visualization of the instrument tip throughout the...
Catheter Placement

Catheter Placement using Endocavity Quick-Release Guide

Case: 55 yo male with perforated appendicitis. Post-operative abscess developed (A) anterior to the rectum (R)
Ultra-Pro II Guided Biopsy

Clinical Evidence and Education Using Ultra-Pro II in Liver Biopsy Procedures

The purpose of our work is to describe accuracy, safety and potential uses of a new needle tracking system in musculo-skeletal US-guided percutaneous...
Ultra-Pro II Ultrasound Guided Liver Biopsy

Difficult Ultrasound-Guided Liver Biopsy Aided by Use of Needle Guidance

A 62 year-old woman affected by systemic lupus erythematosus since she was 37, and taking corticosteroids, underwent abdominal ultrasound for a mild...
eTrax Fiducial Marker Placement In Liver

Fiducial Marker Placement in Liver Treatment Planning Using eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking

An 86 year-old-male with a history of metastatic colon cancer to the liver underwent multiple courses of chemotherapy over a period of three years....
Needle Guide Maintaining Poistion

Postoperative Distal Sciatic Nerve Block

A juvenile patient underwent a complex foot osteomy. Postoperative pain management required the administration of a single-injection distal sciatic...
VirtuTRAX System

Biopsy of a Subpleural Lung Mass using VirtuTRAX™

In this clinical case, the lesion is approached using a microconvex probe, with a trajectory that is almost parallel to the ultrasound beam. In such...
Tracking Bracket Infiniti Plus Probe

Needle Guided Long-Axis Approach Improves Needle Visualization in CVC

This study tested the hypothesis that a needle guided technique (NG) would allow faster central venous catheter placement, better success rates and...
Verza Needle Guidance With Angle Selection

US/CT Fusion-guided Psoas Muscle Abscess Aspiration Using Verza Guidance System

A 49 year old male presented to the ultrasound department with a small, difficult-to-access psoas muscle abscess adjacent to the right common iliac...
VirtuTRAX RFA Of The Thyroid

Ultrasound-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of a Thyroid Nodule using VirtuTRAX™

To monitor the electrode tip during radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of a thyroid nodule with Moving-shot Technique.
2018R 3092

Burkholderia cenocepacia bacteremia attributed to sterile gel in ultrasound guided central line insertions

The authors describe an outbreak of Burkholderia cenocepacia bacteremia in 4 hospitals across Australia between the dates of March 2017 and May 2017....
2018R 3079

Ultrasound Gel Contamination and the Outbreak of Burkholderia cepacian complex in the Neonatal and Intensive Care Unit population

The authors describe an outbreak of Burkholderia cepacian complex (BCC) in Neonatal Unit and Intensive Care Unit patients in Argentina, between April...
2018R 3087

Value of Needle-Guidance Technology in Procedures Performed by Radiology Residents

In this publication, the authors from the Keck School of Medicine of USC report the process and outcome of a clinical study comparing the use of an...
2014R 2764

Accuracy of Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy Techniques are Quantified

The authors presented a correlation study using Computed Tomography (CT) that compared the differences between using a freehand and needle-guided...
2014R 2819

Advantages of Ultrasound and Needle Tip Tracking Technology Include High Technical Success and Accuracy

In this clinical investigation, the authors conduct a study to evaluate the accuracy and safety of electromagnetic needle tracking for use during...
2014R 2765

Case Report Supports Use of Ultrasound Needle Guidance System

To overcome two of the most significant barriers in providing a safe and efficient ultrasound-guided nerve block, a clinician must keep the needle in...
2015R 2865

Clinical Use of Needle Guides Improves Needle Visibility, Reduces Time and Increases Proceduralist Satisfaction when Performing TAP Block

In this publication, the authors report the process and outcome of a clinical study comparing the use of Infiniti™ needle guide (CIVCO, Kalona,...
2015R 2833

Combination of Image-Fusion and EM Tracking Provides High Degree of Accuracy in Deep Anatomical Structures

An in vivo swine study was performed to assess the overall targeting accuracy of an ultrasound system with navigation technology, electromagnetic...
2014R 2820

Fusion Imaging and Needle Tracking Techniques Enable Visualization in Drainage of Air-Containing Cavities

Abscess drainage under ultrasound guidance has advantages over using other imaging modalities. Real-time visualization of the area of interest and...
2016R 2931

Infiniti Plus Needle Guide System Improves Needle Visualization During Placement of Spinal Anesthesia

The authors describe the use of the Infiniti Plus (CIVCO Medical Solutions, Kalona, IA) needle guidance system in the facilitation of spinal...
2014R 2787

Interventions Assisted by Image Fusion and EM Needle Tracking

In this article, the authors conducted a pre-clinical trial using a liver phantom with a corresponding CT dataset to evaluate the performance and...
2014R 2749

Needle Guide Contributes to Overcoming Pitfalls Associated with CVC

A clinical study approved by the Chiba Medical Center Ethical Committee was performed to test a three-step method designed to overcome pitfalls...
2014R 2751

Needle Guide Identifies Needle Tip, Reduces Time for Simulated Block

The authors hypothesized the use of an in-plane multi-angle needle guide would assist residents with novice ultrasound skills in performing a phantom...
2016R 2828

Needle Guide Improves Needle Visibility and Decreases Access Time During CVC by Improving Needle and US Plane Alignment

The authors conducted the first clinical, prospective, randomized trial of ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation for central venous...
2017R 2961

Needle Guided Approach Shortens Insertion Time and Improves Success Rate of CVC Placement

Trial participants consisted of 25 anesthesiologists with more than 2 years of clinical experience and/or who received simulation training at the...
2014R 2813

Needle Navigation Proves Valuable for Image-Guided Biopsy

In this phantom study, the authors evaluate accuracy and time required to perform a free-hand electromagnetic needle tracked biopsy using a...
2013R 2735

Needle Tip Tracking in Liver Biopsy Reduces Time, Increases Accuracy

The authors compared percutaneous liver biopsy procedures performed using free-hand ultrasound-guidance to those performed using electromagnetic...
2015R 2852

Percutaneous Renal Biopsy using Needle Guide Technique Decreases Post-Biopsy Complications and Improves Tissue Sample Yield

One of the largest single-center studies comparing the yield and complication rate of 2,138 kidney biopsies was performed by Nephrologists in a...
2015R 2852

Percutaneous RFA of Benign Thyroid Nodules Aided by VirtuTRAX

One of the largest single-center studies comparing the yield and complication rate of 2,138 kidney biopsies was performed by Nephrologists in a...
2014R 2786

Real-Time Fusion Imaging Proves Successful in Liver Interventions

In this feasibility study, the authors evaluate the practicality of fusion imaging between real-time ultrasound (US) and positron emission tomography...
2014R 2766

Significant Time Savings Achieved Using an US Needle Guide

An ultrasound comparison experiment between the freehand and probe-guide technique was performed using a custom gelatin and olive phantom to compare...
2016R 2930

Study Statistically Documents Better Needle Visibility, Less Needle Passes, in Less Time Using Needle Guidance System

Enhancing needle visualization during parasagittal approach in paravertebral block for patients undergoing simple mastectomy using in-plane,...
2014R 2748

Study Supports Use of Variable Angle Needle Guidance in Nerve Block

Thirty anaesthetists with varying levels of experience in performing regional nerve blocks participated in a crossover simulation study approved by...
2017R 2963

Use of Needle Guide Reduces Time to Perform Femoral Nerve Catheter Placement

Excerpt: The Cleveland Clinic performed a single-center, randomize, controlled trial to test the use of Infiniti Plus ™ Needle Guidance System...
2013R 2740

Virtual Needle Tracking Helps Accuracy and Efficiency of Liver RFA

The authors evaluated the feasibility of ultrasound-guided virtual needle tracking used to perform percutaneous radiofrequency ablations (RFA) in...
Infiniti Plus Needle Guide Bracket

Effect of Infiniti Plus Needle Guidance on Performing Ultrasound Guided Femoral Nerve Blocks

Average block time in the InfinitiPlus™ group decreased by 33%. This difference maybe more apparent in clinicians doing this block less often...

Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Standards

Ultrasound guided insertion is recommended for all routes of central venous catheterization. Make ultrasound needle guidance the standard of care in...
Verza Needle Guidance With Angle Selection

Needle Guidance Improved The Visualization Of The Needle In Real Time Ultrasound Guided Spinal Anesthesia

Ultrasound guidance for regional anesthesia has gained popularity over the last few years. There is increasing interest in real time ultrasound...
Needle Tracking For Ultrasound Guided Nephrostomy

Electromagnetic needle tracking for ultrasound-guided nephrostomy

To assess retrospectively if nephrostomy guided by ultrasound (US) and electromagnetic needle tracking was feasible in mild to moderate...
VirtuTRAX System

Virtual Biopsy and Three Dimensional Ultrasound for Radio Frequency Ablation of Thyroid Nodules

Free-hand Ultrasound plays an important role in thyroid diagnostics as a real-time examination, not ionizing and non-invasive, cost effective, ideal...
Single Virtual Navigator

Virtual Biopsy and 3DPan Fusion Imaging for Breast Core Biopsy

Different diagnostic imaging technologies, consolidated and emerging, can nowadays be applied to breast district: Mammography, Breast Tomosynthesis,...
Tracking Bracket Infiniti Plus Probe

Ultrasound Needle Guides, An Effective Tool In Nerve Blocks

Keeping the needle tip within scan plane continues being a challenge. Infiniti Plus guides help us to increase the success of the block and patient...
Ultrasound Guided Fusion Imaging

Ultrasound(US)-guided Fusion Imaging-Assisted Facet Joint Injections: A Didactical Approach

Currently, facet joint injections are usually performed using CT guidance or fluoroscopy. The use of a GPS enhanced fusion system allows to combine...
Introduction To Needle Guides

Introduction to Needle Guides for Use with Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Block

Featuring Dr. Glenn Woodworth and Dr. Jennifer Noerenberg, both Oregon Health & Science University
Dr. Sellgren Demonstrates The Use Of The CIVCO TEE Holder

Dr. Sellgren Demonstrates the Use of the CIVCO TEE Holder

Dr. Sellgren Demonstrates the Use of the CIVCO TEE Holder