Expand your capabilities of ultrasound interventions with the use of electromagnetic needle tracking or fusion technologies.

Electromagnetic Needle Tracking

VirtuTRAX is an intuitive device allowing physicians to more accurately track the tip of any rigid instrument. Turn "off-the-shelf" instruments, such as ablation needles, syringes, and bone biopsy needles, into a tracked device. Now clinicians can have a highly accurate, 3D anatomical roadmap to access difficult targets. VirtuTRAX may be used with devices for applications such as ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainage, and therapeutic delivery.
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eTRAX features an electromagnetic sensor embedded into the needle tip. With the ability to now fuse other imaging modalities with ultrasound, eTRAX takes image fusion to a new dimension, helping give physicians a more dynamic and accurate tool for tracking the tip of a needle under real-time, image-guided navigation. Clinicians can have a highly accurate, 3D anatomical roadmap to access difficult targets during ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainages, fluid aspirations, therapeutic deliveries, vascular access, and anesthesia.
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Fusion Auto Registration

omniTRAX Active Patient Tracker provides automatic image registration of fused images for real-time, uninterrupted navigation. Visible under CT and ultrasound or MR and ultrasound, omniTRAX features fixed reference points for quick and accurate registration of patient anatomy using pre-acquired volume data sets. Simply adhere omniTRAX to the targeted patient anatomy and reposition if necessary using the active tracker skin marketing zones under CT and ultrasound or MR and ultrasound.
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