White Paper: Better Clinical Outcomes of Transperineal Biopsies

Understanding the clinical outcomes associated with different methods of prostate biopsies  – including both transrectal and transperineal biopsies – is crucial. While both approaches are regularly utilized by clinicians worldwide, studies have found that the transrectal biopsy is often linked to higher rates of infection, increased hospitalization rates, and even under-sampling of the prostate. Comparatively, transperineal prostate biopsies are frequently associated with decidedly better clinical outcomes…and for many urologists, are even becoming their preferred method of choice.

In our white paper, “Better Clinical Outcomes of Transperineal Biopsies,” we break down both approaches of prostate biopsy, walking you through the latest research to equip you with the fullest understanding possible of each method’s clinical efficacy. By comparing and analyzing the two approaches of prostate biopsy, you’ll gain valuable insights into their respective clinical strengths, in turn providing you with a comprehensive perspective on which method best aligns with your patients’ needs.