Use a Thermometer For High-Level Disinfectants


CIVCO Medical Solutions offers an easy-to-use thermometer to help you ensure that you are using your High-Level Disinfectants at the proper temperature.

CMS Inspectors (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) are now checking to see if instruments are disinfected at the appropriate temperature. You can easily check the temperature of your disinfectants using our digital thermometers. We offer an infrared, instant-read thermometer (white).

White Infrared Thermometer

The infrared thermometer measures the temperature instantly without having to touch the high-level disinfectant. Simply aim the thermometer at the soaking container, press the button, and receive an instant read. Hook to your lanyard for convenient placement.

Be sure to check with the disinfectant manufacturer's "Instructions for Use" for required temperature or refer to evidence-based guidelines.

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