Smarter Approach

CIVCO's TP Pivot Pro disposable needle guides enable a freehand, minimally invasive approach to ultrasound-guided transperineal prostate biopsies.

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TP Pivot Pro

Notable Features

Of TP Pivot Pro

TP Pivot Pro was designed with clinicians, for clinicians, to enable a smarter approach to transperineal prostate biopsies.

  • Freehand, minimally invasive approach
  • Pivoting coaxial needle
  • Allows height adjustments without removing coaxial needle from guide or patient
  • Use under local or general anesthesia
  • Single-use device, no reprocessing required
  • Designed to for range of ultrasound probes
  • Secure transducer attachment, no taping required
TP Pivot Pro

The transperineal approach is shown to reduce risk of patient infection, improve access to all zones of the prostate, and potentially eliminate the need for antibotics alltogether.6

TP Pivot Pro
TP Pivot Pro


Workflow Efficiencies

TP Pivot Pro biopsy guide improves clinician workflow for transperineal prostate biopsies

  • Easy height adjustments without removing the needle from the guide or the patient
  • Unique pivot feature allows parallel and angling options of the introducer needle while maintaining visualization within the imaging plane
  • Secure attachment to the transducer on a range of biplane probe diameters, without the need to tape a transducer

Improved Clinical Advantages

Of Transperineal Biopsies

Evidence shows the transperineal approach can lead to improved
outcomes compared to the transrectal approach:

Reduces risk of negative patient outcomes such as infection and rectal bleeding4

Significantly reduces post-biopsy complications without quinolone antibiotics, especially urosepsis3

Greater sampling of the anterior zone of the prostate2

Better detection of clinically significant disease and anterior tumours1

Freehand Transperineal Biopsies Can Also Save Time For The Clinic And Patient.

TP Pivot Pro gives clinicians a smarter way to experience the benefits of freehand transperineal bisopy approach.


Provider Economics

Evidence shows freehand transperineal prostate biopsies may be performed in an office under local anesthesia, reducing overhead costs associated with general anesthesia, operating room and equipment requirements.

TP Pivot Pro


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