Ultrasound Probe Storage

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One aspect of infection control compliance with The Joint Commission is to store your ultrasound probes after high-level disinfection adequately:

"Store the device in a manner that will protect from damage or contamination and that is consistent with national guidelines and manufacturers' recommendations such as hanging vertically in a cabinet and storing in a clean environment."
The Joint Commission

There are challenges to storing ultrasound probes, such as the accommodating the different types and lengths of probes, keeping the probe separated from the cable after high-level disinfection, and finding an enclosed, low-traffic area to hang the probes.

The Storage Cabinets from CIVCO solve most of your ultrasound probe storage challenges. This compliant solution is available for general purpose, endocavity, and TEE probes.

  • Shelving keeps probes separate from connectors and cables
  • Probes hang vertically inside the cabinet, and probe tips do not touch the back wall
  • True HEPA filter system allows for continuous clean air flow
  • Cabinet door locks for added security, and a viewing window allows clinicians to see inside the cabinet without opening the door

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