Ultrasound Needle Guides in Biopsy Procedures

Needle guidance is clinically proven to lead to more confident outcomes in ultrasound-guided biopsies

Needle guidance is clinically proven to lead to more confident outcomes in ultrasound-guided biopsies:

  • Improved needle visualization1,2,3
  • Reduced procedure time2,3,4,5,6
  • Reproducible procedure technique with better tissue yield2,4

Utilization of a needle guide for ultrasound-guided interventions improves needle visualization and procedure efficiency in deep-seated and superficial biopsy targets and endocavity procedures.

  • Deep: Liver, Kidney, Stomach, Abdominal Organs
  • Superficial: Thyroid, Breast, Lymph Nodes

CIVCO's disposable needle guides attach to your ultrasound probe via a custom-designed, reusable bracket or a direct-attach feature built on the probe.

General Purpose Needle Guidance

Verza Guidance System is the next generation guidance system providing unmatched versatility, ease-of-use and confident outcomes for diagnostic and therapeutic in-plane (IP) ultrasound-guided interventions.
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Ultra-Pro II
Ultra-Pro II needle guide can be utilized in a variety of interventions, including core tissue biopsies, fine needle aspirations, and ablations. Ultra-Pro II is ideally suited for clinicians seeking limited needle movement and a direct needle path to the target.
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