Ultrasound Needle Guides in Regional Anesthesia

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There are many proven clinical benefits to clinicians utilizing needle guides for nerve blocks and other regional anesthesia procedures:

  • Improved needle visualization | Keeps the needle tip within the scan plane 1,2,3
  • Reduced procedure time | Helps reduce time for successful needle placement 1,2,3,4
  • Increased patient safety | Helps reduce inadvertent punctures to adjacent structures for enhanced patient safety 2
  • Improved physician satisfaction | Contributes to staff satisfaction 4

Needle guidance is applicable to a wide range of clinical needs within regional anesthesia:

  • Upper extremity nerve block: Brachial plexus, 5,6 Interscalene, 7,4 Supraclavicular4
  • Truncal and cutaneous nerve block: Transverse abdominis 8,5
  • Lower extremity nerve block: Femoral,6,9 Rectus sheath, 5 Sciatic, 6,10 Spinal, 11 Thoracic paravertebral 12
  • Superficial applications: Varicose vein laser therapy 6

CIVCO's disposable needle guides are compatible with most ultrasound systems and attach directly to your transducer via a custom-designed, reusable bracket.

Infiniti Plus Needle Guides
Infiniti Plus needle guidance system is an effective tool used to improve efficiency and outcomes for in-plane (IP) ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and central line placement.
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