General Purpose Ultrasound Covers

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CIVCO transducer covers are used with general purpose ultrasound probes for a wide variety of procedures and clinical specialties, including radiology, point-of-care, anesthesiology, and women's health. Clinicians trust our products to deliver a safe, simple, and comfortable experience.

General purpose ultrasound probe covers are available for all ultrasound OEMs in a variety of lengths and materials, including CIV-Flex, a soft, durable material not made with natural rubber latex.

Envision probe covers and pads
Envision viral barriers allow for 100% gel-free ultrasound procedures, reducing contamination risk, improving the quality of FNA specimens, and simplifying clinician workflow.
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PEELSafe Advantage
Probe covers made with PEELSafe Advantage, a silicone adhesive that attaches directly to the probe face, reduces setup and cleanup time without damaging your probes.
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Intuit Roll, Glide, and SnapFIT
Fighting infection while maintaining the highest quality standards has never been so intuitive with Intuit ultrasound probe covers. Simplified deployment and a 3D box end allow for easy setup without compromising image quality.
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General Purpose Products

Envision ultrasound probe covers and scanning pads enable 100% gel-free ultrasound procedures. The Envision ultrasound v...
CIV-Flex covers offer additional sterile protection when performing routine puncture and drainage procedures. Sterile pr...
PEELSafe Advantage covers are fast and convenient, allowing the end user to peel off the liner and apply directly to the...
Introducing a new line of transducer covers utilizing CIVCO's premium CIV-Flex material and delivering sim...
Economically-priced polyethylene covers are commonly used in sterile scanning and puncture procedures. Polyethylene cove...
NeoGuard is a rolled material not made with natural rubber latex specially designed for ultrasound use. Recommended for ...
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