A new, flexible payment option for ASTRA Automated Reprocessors for endovaginal, endorectal, and transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound probes.

Save thousands of dollars immediately

by switching to ASTRA vs. other automated reprocessing systems*

Reduce disinfection operating costs by 33%

each year by switching to ASTRA

ASTRA rental cost may be less than running your current system*

See how much you could save with the ASTRA Rental Program

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Renting is Easy

  • Zero money down; conserves capital
  • Monthly payment never changes
  • Includes professional in-service
  • Includes extended warranty for life of term
Thinking of transitioning from manual probe disinfection to automated reprocessing? Renting an ASTRA makes the upgrade easier!

ASTRA Automated Ultrasound Probe Reprocessors:

ASTRA Automated Reprocessor
  • Disinfect up to two probes at a time for faster turnaround and increased efficiency
  • Offer enhanced capabilities to improve ultrasound probe disinfection compliance
  • Track all necessary disinfectant solution and test strip information
  • Fully remove the need for any manual data logging